All procedures are performed in the comfort of a private area within the studio; with extra curtaining available for those that require extreme privacy. Cushioned massage tables and chairs are used for comfort and mobility, and are sterilized after every use.

Tattoos are created using Eternal Ink, for vibrant colors that stand out against all skin tones. Our experienced artists and detailed instructions paired with high quality tools of the industry ensure a long lasting product that you’ll be sure to be proud of.

Cosmetic Tattoos

All Permanent Make-up is personalized to the wearer. From color to style, Nikki Foy ensures the design that will best fit the face of the client. A new brow shape, liner style, or lip color can completely change a woman’s face. Transformations can be seen instantly after applied!

Procedures can open the eyes, give the illusion of fuller lips, or make a bolder statement with thicker brows thanks to the talent of our resident artist as well as the high quality pigments of Face Inks. Designed specifically for cosmetics, Face Inks are mixed and matched to complement all skin tones, making all colors used extremely personal to the client. Topical anesthetics and supportive staff make all permanent make-up appointments a pleasant and unique experience.

Tattoo Artists

Matt Leahy

Owner / Resident Tattoo Artist
With an amazingly creative personality, Matt Leahy could not have found a ...

Bobby Cupparo

Tattoo Artist