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Tattoo Shop Etiquette: How to Be the Perfect Client!

Cool weather, less sun exposure, and less water play amongst other things means the perfect time to be tattooed. As we inch closer to the busier seasons of the industry, it's time to brush up on shop etiquette! Our last post about apprenticeships really hit home, and we thank all those who followed our steps to appropriateness. Those who ... More

The Science of Tattoos

Some people don't even stop to think before getting tattooed, let alone think about the science behind them. Interestingly enough its not as simple as many imagine and dives much deeper into the human body and it's processes than you'd ever expect. Tattoo collectors sort of understand the concept of tattoos- the consensus believing the ink ... More

Vintage Voice: Classic-Car Collecting Then and Now

With warm weather upon us, there's no better time to take a cruise with the windows of your perfectly maintained car all the way down or wind around the bends of the back roads on the bike you've cherished for years. Your father's father taught him that the best toys are the ones you bought as an adult, and your father passed that knowledge ... More