Vintage Voice: Railroad Avenue

Although no longer running, Warwick’s Railroad Ave is a center staple of the community, hosting events and serving as a historical landmark. Interestingly enough, these stations were built across the East Coast by the Erie Lackawanna Railroad in a merger with Cayuga Railroads in northern New York in 1834 and are still in use today.

From New York to New Jersey to Pennsylvannia, the construction of rails revolutionized the economy of the late 1800’s. New, improved transportation meant easier distribution of goods, faster availability, and more importantly an increase in jobs.

Bob Pennisi worked for the Erie side of the Railroad from 1962 to 1977, photographing the finished products and the machinery that ran through for documentary purposes as well as personal enjoyment. His collection of black and white photos can be found in various museums across the East Coast as well in railfan books.

Original Prints of Bob Pennisi can be found in Love Life Tattoo, framed and unframed.

Sara Giarratano

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