Vintage Voice: The Fantastic Four

Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created The Fantastic Four with intentions of revolutionizing the super hero world. Instead of focusing purely on the powers of the extraordinary people, the personalities and back stories were considered paramount to the story lines. These heroes with real stories and everyday attributes made a connection with the ... More

Tattoo Shop Etiquette: How to Be the Perfect Client!

Cool weather, less sun exposure, and less water play amongst other things means the perfect time to be tattooed. As we inch closer to the busier seasons of the industry, it's time to brush up on shop etiquette! Our last post about apprenticeships really hit home, and we thank all those who followed our steps to appropriateness. Those who ... More

The Science of Tattoos

Some people don't even stop to think before getting tattooed, let alone think about the science behind them. Interestingly enough its not as simple as many imagine and dives much deeper into the human body and it's processes than you'd ever expect. Tattoo collectors sort of understand the concept of tattoos- the consensus believing the ink ... More

Vintage Voice: Pin-Up Passion

From magazine ads to the deepest crevices of the internet, Pin-Up style hairdos, outfits, and poses can be found just about everywhere. Even in modern times, the look of the original Pin-up girls have prevailed with the help of world famous artist Gil Elvgren. Gil Elvgren produced over 500 hand-crafted images of beautiful ladies from the ... More

Vintage Voice: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

As summer flies and Halloween creeps up on us before we know it, it seems appropriate to touch base on the spookiness created by Tim Burton. Yes, a favorite holiday may only seem like a glimmer in your mind, but Beetlejuice's production began in August and 27 years later it's still a classic. Its dark comedy captivated its audience from ... More

Vintage Voice: Railroad Avenue

Although no longer running, Warwick's Railroad Ave is a center staple of the community, hosting events and serving as a historical landmark. Interestingly enough, these stations were built across the East Coast by the Erie Lackawanna Railroad in a merger with Cayuga Railroads in northern New York in 1834 and are still in use today. From ... More

Vintage Voice: TMNT started as what?

A joke. That's right, the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from your childhood and now your children's started as a complete joke late night in 1983. Two friends, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, were deliriously tired from writing their soon-to-be launched comic when a doodle of a turtle turned into a hysterical competition between the ... More

Apprenticeships and Proper Etiquette

If you are a decent artist and love tattoos, whether that be the industry itself or the art of it, being an actual tattoo artist has most likely crossed your mind. However, the glamorous life an artist doesn't always start out so high; it takes dedication, patience, and a thick skin to get through the learning period. Here is a short list of ... More

Vintage Voice: Gnarly Nash Boards and The Revolution of Skating

With their neon patterns and plastic parts, most would never guess that Nash skateboards were manufactured right here in the heart of the USA. The original manufacturer of these iconic boards were located in Fort Worth, Texas until late 2006 when the facility was unexpectedly and tragically burnt to the ground with no explanation to follow. ... More

Vintage Voice: The Bizarre History of the Ouija Board

The Ouija Board made it's debut into American Culture in February 1891, but it's eerie connotations didn't begin there. With original advertisements boasting of the game's ability to tell the past, present, and future and it's links between the known and unknown, it's $1.50 price tag was justified by the powers of the board being proven at ... More