love-life-tatoo-warwick-nySituated in the heart of the charming downtown Warwick, NY, Love Life Tattoo and Art Studio finds joy in providing a variety of services to those near and far.  Tattoos, piercings, and permanent cosmetics paired with a friendly, caring staff make it the perfect place to transform oneself or even just seek inspiration. Love Life aims to bring art to the community in every way possible. From art on paper to canvas to skin, all aspects of the shop are meant to invoke thought and spread the beauty of creation to all those who enter.

Upon entering our shop, you’ll see featured works of art hanging on the walls, which are updated every three months. Matt’s vision is one of a welcoming space that provokes the true artist in everyone — no attitude, and the freedom to be an individual.

Our mission is to establish a non-profit community art outreach program in Warwick in memory of artist Matt’s brother, Doug, and to join forces with already established community outreach programs in the area.