About Us

Situated in the heart of Warwick, Love Life Tattoo and Art Gallery aims to extend the charm and hospitality of its community into the lives of all clients and visitors. The dedication of all resident artists and employees paired with an everlasting passion for all things creative make Love Life a unique hub of not only tattoos, but of various mediums. The growing gallery has come to showcase amazing works from local artists, featuring everything from handmade jewelry to sculpture to more traditional methods such as painting and illustration. With a variety of intriguing pieces, vintage memorabilia, and strong artistic minds paired with a caring staff and spacious location, Love Life Tattoo and Art Gallery is a pleasant atmosphere for all who enter.

Love Life Tattoo

65 Main St, Suite 302
Warwick, NY 10990
(845) 544-7979

Opening Hours

  • Mon & Tues Appt Only
  • Wed - Sat 11AM - 8PM
  • Sunday 11AM - 3PM

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Our Staff

Bobby Cupparo

Tattoo Artist

Kevin LaPlace

Reception and Front Desk / Piercing Apprentice
A Warwick Local, Matt's step-brother, skate aficionado, and piercing apprenti...

Laura Laplace

Resident Loveable Mom

Matt Leahy

Owner / Resident Tattoo Artist
With an amazingly creative personality, Matt Leahy could not have found a ...
“Your body is your home, decorate it however you'd like - whether it be with tattoos or expensive fabrics. Express yourself by all means.” - Love Life Tattoo